USB Memory Stick Recovery Data Recovery

The experts at TRC’s Flash Data Recovery team can help to recover lost data from your failed or broken USB flash drive. In almost all cases the service is provided on a No Recovery-No Fee basis.

USB Memory Stick Recovery options

Snapped & Damaged Pen Drives

When your memory stick has been damaged, bent, snapped or otherwise does not work any more, retrieval of the lost data can seem impossible. This is not normally the case however as the Flash memory data recovery experts at TRC Data Recovery Ltd can usually retrieve all of your lost files and folders regardless of the underlying fault. We daily retrieve failed memory sticks using one of our two specialist services below:

Dead and Non-Responsive Flash disks

The engineers at TRC Data Recovery can repair damage to the electronics of your device, such as snapped or bent USB connectors, even in cases where the circuit board has been damaged or the solder pads have been lifted. We daily recover devices where other companies have attempted and failed to perform a temporary repair. You can read more about our electronic repair capabilities here.

Flash Read

In many circumstances, especially in scenarios where the damage to the memory stick’s electronics is too severe for repair to be an option; or when the device’s micro controller has failed TRC engineers can use Flash Read Technology to retrieve your otherwise inaccessible data files. This process is slightly more complicated but generates fantastic results, the best part being that we charge no more for this process in well over 95% of cases. Read about our Flash Read Technology

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