SSD Hard Drive Data Recovery

SSD devices using the latest solid state technology are indeed far more reliable than their competing spinning platter hard disk drives, but this does not make them impervious to data loss.

Flash Data Recovery can repair or recover data from SSD drives that have failed due to electronic issues or firmware damage. In cases where the device is not workable we can remove the Flash memory chips and recover the data they contain. Here are some of the successful recoveries that Flash Data Recovery have completed from Solid State Drives

Recover lost data from your broken SSD

SSD hard drives are normally fully recoverable even when it seems that all hope is lost. We support all modern operating systems and file systems and we can recover your data with the absolute minimum of downtime. All interface types are supported by our recovery services, including:

  • SATA & Micro SATA, M.2, Apple interfaces
  • PCIe based SSDs
  • SAS
  • MacBook Pro & MacBook Air SSD drives

Issues that we commonly recover lost data from

Completely 'dead' SSD Drives

SSDs that have suffered from flood damage or water ingress

Dropped and physically damaged drives

Drives with deleted or lost data and those that have been formatted

Emergency same day services

Need your data back fast? We can help. SSD recovery on an emergency service can normally be recovered and returned within 24 – 48 hours of receipt. Diagnostic of your failed device is carried out immediately and we can confirm a more accurate timescale once the nature and extent of the problem with your failed SSD device is known.

Get started on your Data Recovery