SD Card Data Recovery

They are probably the most prolific of all removable storage media and just like all other similar devices things can go wrong. If your card has failed or you have managed to damage it, we can help you with our SD Card data recovery service.

As the second most common service that we offer (right behind USB memory stick recovery), our team successfully recover lost data for clients on a daily basis. In most cases we are able to fully recover the content for our clients.

SD Card Recovery options

SD Cards are mostly reliable, solid state storage and failures of modern devices are uncommon, when failures do happen they tend to be along the following lines:

Bent & physically damaged SD Cards

Physically damaged SD Cards can often be fully recovered. The possiblity of recovery depends upon a number of factors but primarily around the memory chip or chips not being damaged. We can help you to recover your lost data in many cases where SD cards have been damaged.

Failed Micro Controller

When an SD card’s micro-controller chip fails, it is no longer able to communicate with either your camera or your computer. Recovery software is unable to help cards that have reached this state, only physical intervention can assist. When nothing else works, this is where our flash-read technology can help.

Failed or Failing Flash Memory chip

Failed or failing flash memory can cause an SD Card to become completely non-responsive. The symptoms can vary from slow, intermittent access through to symptoms that are almost identical to those of a failed micro-controller. When it is suspected that the flash memory is failing it is important to keep the card powered down and contact us immediately.

Our services can also help when you have experienced a less common failure type, some of the other recoveries that we have successfully performed include:

  • Water damaged SD card recovery
  • Fire and heat damaged SD cards
  • Deleted data and formatted flash devices
  • SD Cards damaged by insertion into a MS Pro Duo slot
  • A microwaved SD card was also fully recovered – no, seriously!

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