My Device Says It Needs to be Formatted

My Device Says It Needs to be Formatted

You need to format the disk

You need to format the disk before you can use it

Possibly up to 85% of all failures of all flash media appears to be when one minute your device is working perfectly – the next time you look the device either seems to lock up on you in mid use or appears completely dead! The device will be inserted into the USB port or card reader and you will either get:

  • “USB Device not recognised”
  • “Your device requires formatting”
  • Your device appears completely dead
  • Your device shows up as either “full” or “empty”

The cause of this message is nearly always the failure of the “controller” – a small chip that lies on the internal board. This chip is extremely important and it writes data to the device from the PC or laptop, and also allows access to the internal storage chip (NAND). Most people will assume that the device is in some way faulty and try to run software and will often download a programme from the internet. Unfortunately this is no help at all as the data chip, which is separate to the controller, is very often intact but unreachable due to the failure of this controller. In these circumstances the only way to recover the data is to simply send the device to us as we have exclusive technology that allows us to read data from these chips.

In cases such as this it is no good anyone attempting to repair the device either, you simply cause more damage and run the risk of a non recovery. If you value the data on this device you will use a data recovery professional such as ourselves.

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