Memory Card Recovery

We specialise in dealing with failed devices that are not picked up by cameras, smartphones or computers. We also carry out memory card recovery on devices that have been physically damaged, bent or received an impact. We have even successfully recovered from water damaged device that have been in the sea or through the washing machine – even one that was microwaved by mistake!

Memory Card Recovery options

SD Card Data Recovery

SD cards are used in all manner of different devices these days, from cameras to tablets, computers, even car stereos. The data recovery experts at Flash Data Recovery can retrieve your lost data when your card has been damaged, stopped responding or even where something has been deleted or the card formatted by mistake.

Compact Flash Data Recovery

Compact flash cards, with their sturdy plastic and steel exterior tend to hold up quite well and are rarely physically damaged, other than when the dog gets hold of one or it finds its way beneath a car’s wheels that is. Flash data recovery often retrieve data lost from CF cards due to them being inserted upside down, their micro controllers failing or their memory chips developing bad blocks and lots of ECC errors.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo cards are becoming increasingly rare in favour of the more standardised and widely used (although with similar physical dimensions), SD cards. In fact, one of the more common failures that we see with these cards is a failure directly related to their similar form factor to SD cards where they are inserted into an SD card slot, physical damage and electronic damage can occur instantly. Just like other memory cards, they also experience physical damage as well as failure of their electronics and controllers.

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