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From failed Flash Memory Devices

    usb memory stick data recovery


    Failed or damaged USB Memory Stick? Flash Data Recovery can help to get your lost data back.

  • SSD Drives
    SSD data recovery

    SSD Drives

    SSD drive not recognised by or accessible to your computer? Flash data recovery can help.

  • Memory Cards
    SD Card data recovery

    Memory Cards

    Memory card dead, damaged or just not responding, we can help to recover your lost data.

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Flash DataRecovery

  • Flash memory data recovery service We can recover your lost data from broken USB memory sticks and damaged camera memory cards to SSD hard drives, Flash Data Recovery can retrieve your lost data.
  • No Recovery - No Fee Practically all of our quotes are based upon a 100% no recovery-no fee guarantee (encrypted device and certain non-standard interfaces excluded). You only pay for your recovery once you have validated that the recovered data is what you were looking for.
  • Validate your recovery with ValiData The unique file validation technology from TRC Data Recovery Ltd, available for Mac, PC & iPad. For photo only recoveries, we will send through scaled down proofs of every image that we can recover.
  • Quotations and assessments are provided for free so if you have experienced physical damage to your device or it has been damaged by fire, liquid or has simply failed to respond and is completely dead - we can help!


  • Memory Stick Recovery

  • SD Card Recovery

  • SSD Hard Drive

  • Memory Stick Pro Duo

  • Deleted Data Retrieval

  • No Recovery No Fee

  • Validate before Paying

  • We can retrieve lost data from snapped, broken failed and otherwise unusable USB Memory Sticks and flash based USB devices. We are the people that are called when the IT companies, computer repair shops and IT departments are unable to help. Read more about our services here.

  • SD Cards can fail for a number of reasons, from bent and damaged cards that have been stood on, driven or, chewed by dogs or otherwise damaged to those that have been through the wash, for an unexpected bath or simply failed without warning. We have even recovered microwaved memory cards (it was a long story) - read more here.

  • SSD drives are an increasingly popular choice for computer manufacturers for their resilience, lower power consumption, speed and reliability. Despite their lack of moving parts, SSDs can and do fail commonly for a number of different reasons, in many cases we can help when they do. For more information click here.

  • For many owners of Sony cameras, camcorders and laptop computers the Sony Memory Stick formats including the Pro, Pro Duo, M2 and others are the only removable storage format option. When these devices fail Flash Data Recovery Engineers at TRC Data Recovery can help, contact us for more details.

  • Accidentally deleted an important file or folder form your computer or flash memory device? First step, particularly if the data was deleted from an SSD drive should be to power the computer and/or drive and to call us for advice. Recovery from an SSD, due to the very way that they work, can and often is hampered by in-built optimisation techniques - call us ASAP if this has happened to you.

  • Our team at Flash Data Recovery have the best tools and techniques available and we stand by our abilities. If your device is not encrypted or monolithic (and most of the time even if it is), we first show you that we have recovered your data before we ask you to pay!

  • Using our exclusive ValiData software for Mac & PC you can see what data has been recovered (and check that it is free from corruption) before we ask you to pay. Just looking for images? We can also send through scaled down, watermarked comps which show you the contents that we have recovered before you pay.


  • Dr Neil Stanley

    "USB stick with all my presentations on broke just before a lecture tour, as I was travelling to Sheffield I dropped in to see if they could help. Thirty minutes later problem solved. Excellent service and I have already recommended them to others."
    Fully Recovered - Busbi 32 GB USB Memory Stick

  • Louise O'Connor

    "Our files were recovered within the time specified & we were very happy with the service provided."
    Fully Recovered - Kingston 8 GB SD Card

  • Mr AH Bellas

    "Very pleased with the service, very professional, fast efficient with good comms, many thanks you saved my bacon."
    Fully Recovered - Sandisk 4GB SD Card

  • Christine Hatherly

    "Fabulous service. So quick from start to finish. Great website log in any time to see where your at with things. Would definitely recommend."
    Fully Recovered - Transcend 4GB SD Card

  • Marie Willan

    "I was devestated when my usb stick containing work related documents and all my coursework broke - TRC quite literally came to the rescue. They were helpful, quick and recovered all of my lost data - I can not thank them enough."
    Fully Recovered - Kingston 4 GB USB Memory Stick

  • Amber Dobinson

    Grain Media used TRC Data Recovery Services when a CF card with video files from a shoot in the Congo’s Virunga National Park failed, and couldn't be backed up. Filmed during the M23 rebel occupation of near-by Goma last November, the footage contained irreplaceable shots of the park's endangered mountain gorillas, including the important and joyful discovery of a new baby gorilla. Once the TRC technicians had received our CF card, they were able to salvage all of the video files within 24 hours which was a fantastic result. TRC kept us informed along the way of their recovery progress, and provided a fantastic, fast and reassuring service - thank you very much indeed to Chris and the team.
    Fully Recovered - Sandisk 32 GB Compact Flash Card